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Getting Into Radio Controlled Car Racing

Getting greedy for speed? If you're in too deep with your RC hobby, chances are, you'll want to show off your newly acquired skills. If the idea of heart thumping competition has your adrenaline rushing, then by all means, take a shot at professional radio controlled car racing.

Joining clubs is not only a means to get to this end, but is a good way to learn from other people who are as pumped up about this hobby as you. When you're a member of a club, especially if it's a chapter of a national organization, you will have contact to resources you would not have been able to get to without the backing of the club, such as special insurance, etc.

Here are some easy steps to get you started:

1. Find a local RC club - You can do a quick search in the internet, ask your local hobby shop, or ask friends who are already a part of these clubs. Chances are, if you're already into this hobby, you'll definitely bump into people who are in the know of how to become a member of a local club.

2. Find a trainer/instructor - Yes, yes, you may know all the terms and lingo in the RC circuit, and you may have beat the pants off all the other hobbyists in your area, but nothing beats having a mentor to guide you on how to prepare for the races.

3. Participate in organized meets - whether it's a mock race or just plain fun, try to involve yourself in these to get as much practice and to meet, share, and get insider information about your hobby from fellow enthusiasts.

4. Join the organized races - OK, so after those first few sessions with your trainer, you're not too sure if you're ready to actually participate in a race, but don't worry, there's always a first time and after that, the adrenaline rush will get you hooked for more!

One thing to remember when hoping to participate in professional races is to practice, practice, practice. Like any other sport or hobby, you can buy all the right equipment, you can buy the fastest RC that money can buy, but you can't buy the skill it takes to drive the RC around the laps, nor the experience and the steel will you need when the competition gets really tough.

So, got the need for speed? Sign up at a local RC club and see how far your dream to race can take you.


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