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Picking The Perfect Gear For Small Game Hunting

Pursuing a small game animal or bird is a big thing. It must be done properly to achieve the goals of small game hunting; it is also necessary to take along the appropriate gear.

How to Choose the Appropriate Gear?

1. Quality There will be much body movement so the gear must endure these active movements. It should help rather than hinder you in your small game hunting.

2. Comfort You should be comfortable whenever hunting so take along gear that is light and easy to carry.

3. Suitability Your gear must help you achieve the ends of game hunting: it should not be the cause of any distraction.

What is the Appropriate Gear to Bring?

Clothing Wear light clothes that, if necessary, can keep you warm and comfortable. Most hunters will dress in layers when hunting. The clothes should have enough room for free physical and air movement. Avoid fabrics that can make a lot of noise when you move. Also avoid also taking shiny objects that might emit signals to the game.

Rain Gear Always take your rain gear. Use quality rain coats that will keep you from getting soaking wet.

Footwear Be sure to wear socks: wool socks with cotton liners to keep your feet from blistering or sweating are the best choice.

Wear boots that fit well on your feet. You must endure long walks with your footwear. Waterproof boots are best to use for traversing wet trails.

Bag Your gear must be packed properly. Store it in a duffle bag for easy transport. Your gear, including the firearms, should not exceed 80 lbs.

Avoid using heavy bags: it is better to use 2 or 3 smaller bags than drag along a heavy one.

Arms For small game, 20 gauge shotguns and 270 caliber rifles are often used; preferably those with scopes of variable power for clearer vision. Use a gun case to protect the rifle.

Sunglasses Use these to protect your eyes from the rays of the sun.

Binoculars These are useful to enable you to spot your prey from a distance. Use lightweight ones for convenience.

Camera If you want to capture that moment when you make a successful pursuit take a camera with you - one that is water resistant. Store this in a special compartment for breakables to avoid damage to the camera.

Personal Needs Take only the necessary items. A first aid kit is necessary to treat any minor injuries you might incur. Don't forget to take your own medications with you.


When out hunting, you are exposed to various elements of the environment. Be certain that you are well-prepared to face any situation. Pursue your small game with your best effort.


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