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Are Online Dating Tests Reliable?

Nowadays, more and more people are finding online dating a remarkable way of gaining new friends, companions, or partners. As it grows at breakneck speed, the online dating industry has devised a service for their members and even non-members. Many online dating sites are offering the so-called online dating test.

Most of these online dating tests are about personality and compatibility. They range from the simple to most complex questions but all are designed to give people the results that might help them with their online dates.

However, even if it gained tremendous popularity, many experts contend that online dating tests are not that reliable. In fact, many psychologists contend that the reliability and efficiency of online dating tests is less than 50%. So when the results of an online dating test concerning eg, compatibility, state that two people are compatible, chances are it's only half true.

Why Were These Tests Created?

Because of the unprecedented growth of online dating and the increasing demand for matchmaking, most of the online dating industry has come up with the concept of online dating tests in order to help with a better match. Hence, different online dating tests like personality and compatibility tests have been invented.

Psychologists have asserted that when a person tried to access online dating tests and answered some questions, chances are, his or her answers will be affected by many outside factors such as feelings, attitude, mood, and context. This means that there are possibilities wherein a person may have two different answers on one given question if it was asked on two different occasions.

For example, if an individual completes a dating test while feeling low or depressed, their results will be different from when they completed the same test while in a happy mood.

Some psychologists explain that the reason for these discrepancies is that the Internet-based online dating test are only through self-evaluation and are not guided by reliable psychological assessment, which usually are done in clinical conditions.

Therefore, for people who are fond of answering online dating tests, there's no problem. The problem arises if it will be the basis of something serious like marriage.

So these tests, while amusing, should never be used by people in making decisions about love and relationship.


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